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Guide to Your Baby's First Haircut

Know when to Go

You can tell that it's time for their first haircut if the hair is fuzzy, getting in their eyes or frayed at the ends. In general, there is no right time or age for children to get their first haircut, but it is important to keep their hair trimmed and looking healthy.

Plan Carefully

Make an appointment when your child is most likely to be fed, awake and happy.

A tired, hungry child is less likely to sit still.

Come in 15 minutes before the appointment

Encourage your child to watch someone else getting their haircut first.

They can look around and get a little more comfortable with the surroundings.

Do not use the word cut which may be scary for some children. Say "Trim" or "Style"

Make it a part of a Fun day.

Go out for lunch , a haircut and then movie or the park.

Positive reinforcement such as,

what a big girl! and you are such a good boy! will work wonders.It makes them feel grown up and tend  to concentrate on how well things are going.

Be prepared

We have many toys and books, but if your child has a special lovely and small toy or his dummy, bring that along too.

Do bring a spare set of clothes just in case your child finds it uncomfortable with the hair trimmings.

Most important tips Enjoy this important milestone !!

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Have fun & we'll see you soon!!

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