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Our mission

The boutique would focus on providing high quality haircuts for children, from the births to teenagers.

Our salon will greet you with bright and an immaculately clean space, with friendly staff that specializes in catering to children.

Our stylists are experienced in working with kids, from those who love haircuts to those who can't sit still, and a wide range of hair types.

Cutting on clean hair.

We don't wash the children hair but we do recommend to be wash the day before.

There are specially designed hair cutting chairs to ensure the safety of the little clients.

The child would be surrounded by child themed decor  and music children can relate to, 

would play in the background.

 L'Orchidée Des Papillons visions is to create  harmonious, productive, and profitable boutique salon environment  and supplying the community with a chic styling children clothing and accessories, separated with hairdressing department.

The salon will be overflowing with happy kids.

Remember, while you're with us, you're our guest!

From the moment you get here to the moment you leave, we'll do everything we can to make your Baby and U feel Welcome and Comfortable.

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The salon is designed to provide a warm and friendly environment for both parents and child.

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