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The salon offers an option for seating, including an old fashioned cars,

and adult seating for those who need to sit on mummy or daddy's lap.

When distraction are necessary, the children is kept entertainment with a wide variety of games, and assortiment

of toys. And friendly staff to make the haircut a breeze. 

Your kiddies may never want to leave! 


    20 min
    22 British pounds



We now offer you the possibility to pay for your package with the DELIGHT or SWEET formulas.

This will save you time and money. A variable saving of -15% to -20%. Two formulas for more flexibility, 6 or 12 haircuts according to your needs and your budget.

After purchasing your package on the website, you can organise your bookings at your convenience, simply and quickly, for a maximum of one year.

The packages are for individual use, and are nominative.

We will give you a gift for each subscription at your first appointment.

See you soon.

Ketty Jarrin . Director .