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​From 16 April 2024
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Welcome to our page, home hairdresser.

After eight years of experience as a hair salon dedicated to children and parents in Richmond, and in response to growing demand, Ketty Jarrin is delighted to introduce her new home hairdressing service.

From now on, children, parents and the elderly can benefit from hairdressing services, adapted to their schedule, at the same price as in the salon.


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Coupe de cheveux enfant





First Haircuts . £33 . 30mn

Kid Haircut's . £25 . 20mn

bookings for duos only

Women Haircut's . £43 . 30mn

Men Haircut's . £37 . 30mn

bookings for duos only

at no extra cost!

Short   £69 . 35mn

Middle   £89 . 45mn 

Long    £109 . 60mn 

Extra long    £130 . 90mn

solo bookings available


by phone . ​07713 167449

by message 

check the area served

* For all bookings, a minimum of two haircuts is usually required, with the exception of the Bye Bye Neats lice treatment service, for which we are available for an individual haircut.

Prices do not include the various types of packages applied at the salon.

Saves time: A home hairdressing service saves precious travel time to the salon, offering a practical solution for people with busy schedules.

Saves money: Opting for home hairdressing is a cost-effective alternative, avoiding travel costs and any additional costs associated with trips to the salon.

More time for the kids: By choosing home hairdressing, parents can devote more time to their children, without compromising on the quality of their appearance.

Suitable for the elderly: The elderly benefit from a personalised service without having to travel, making them more comfortable and easier to access hair care.

Accessible for the disabled: Home hairdressing offers an accessible option for the disabled, guaranteeing a tailor-made service in an environment adapted to their particular needs.

More time for work: By eliminating the need to travel to the salon, home hairdressing frees up valuable time to concentrate on work, meeting the needs of people with busy lifestyles.


You can pre-order your products when you make your appointment, and they will be delivered to you on the day of the cut.

Home hairdressing protocol

Introduction :

To ensure a pleasant and efficient experience, please take a few moments to read and follow this protocol.

Appointment and Communication :

Appointments must be made in advance by telephone or by message via message click here.

Any cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Conditions of Work :

Make sure there is enough space and light to work comfortably.

Provide an appropriate chair for the hairdressing service.

Conditions Sanitary :

Please ensure that the area where the hairdressing will be carried out is clean.

If you or a member of your family present symptoms disease, please reporter appointment.

Time-saving tips:

Have your hair clean and dry before the appointment, unless otherwise indicated.

Provide a well-lit area for easy cutting and styling.

Specific Instructions:

Explain your needs and preferences before the service begins.

Be prepared to discuss length, style and any other relevant details.

Prices and Payment:

Prices, click here.

Payment can be made in cash or electronically at the end of the session.

Follow-up and Touch-ups :

If you are not completely satisfied, please contact me within 2 days of the service to discuss possible rework.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. I look forward to providing you with an exceptional hairdressing experience in the comfort of your own home.

Yours sincerely

Ketty Jarrin

Home Hairdresser

Fille couchée
Nouvelle coupe de cheveux
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