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Our Bye Bye Nits treatment  .  Our Bye Bye Nits treatment

treatment bye bye nits

L’Orchidée Des Papillons

offers you one- stop, with safe and effective treatment, using natural head lice removal products methods.

Head lice it’s a persistent problem in schools.

If your child was send home with head lice call us and we will eliminate the head lice and nits safety and naturally in just by one appointment guaranteed.

The most effective treatment is the old fashioned method of combing hair with special lice comb.

This is the least harmful method.

The patented treatment is formulated with essential Oils, which means it’s effective enough to kill eggs, lice and be washed out after 30 minutes.

The children will leave with the  treatment on their hair, which is both Paraben and Fragance Free. However we advice leaving and keep on the treatment overnight to nourish the hair.

An effective, practical and healthy treatment 100% natural.



Short hair                     £69 up 35 to 30 min

Middle length  hair      £89 up to 45 min

Long length hair.         £109 up to 60min

Extra long length hair £130 up to 90min


For the whole family 


Tuesdays by appointment 

Except school vacancy.


do not wait and make an appointment now by phone

Mobile . 07713 16 7449

Phone . 020 3759 4338

1. Detection and passage of the lice vacuum cleaner. Suction removes most of the lice.


2. Passage through the hair of our lotion .

This is 100% natural lotion was invented to take off the nits and provide a moisturizing treatment for hair that has undergone many shampoos or other treatment products that you have found on the market.


3. Checking the wicks with a magnifying glass to remove the last nits.


4.  We guarantee 100% success. 

We make a second appointment 5 to 7 days after treatment, to check that all the infestation has been treated.


Second appointment

{Lice vacuum cleaner and magnifying glass}.


5. We will give preventive measures to put into practice at home, at school ... so that you avoid being infested again.


6. Preventive measures to be carried out with maximum efficiency.


Products made in France.  

A Detection, Elimination , Prevention service.  


Save time and effort. 


Elimination of lice and nits in one go and with a 7 days guarantee. We treat children and adults. 

Our hairdresser will be at your disposal to get rid of lice.  

We put at your disposal I pads, books to make your children spend a pleasant time.

products bye bye nits

Head lice are a recurring problem that mainly occurs in school children or in the community. Transmitted by simple contact of the hair, they catch themselves all the year, even with a perfect personal hygiene or an irreproachable cleanliness of the house. Many people who have been confronted with these head lice that often ruin the return to school or concentration at school. Also, to help families truly eliminate these pests and eradicate their spread, we decided to create the institute

products based in particular on lavender essential oils


We  will be happy to answer all your questions. With tact and diplomacy, our team will also reassure your child. Forget about the shame of lice and the revolutionary treatment of ByeByeNits to say goodbye to head lice.


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