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First branch 
for hair recycling

Every day, thousands of hairdressers cut, colour, trim and brush your hair! And then what happens to the hair they cut? 

For more than five years, Coiffeurs Justes has been working with hairdressing professionals. These actions have enabled us to structure the first hair recycling network. There are now thousands of professional hairdressers who have signed up to our approach. New partners have joined us and support us.

Thanks to these actions, we are developing phase II of our project in collaboration with the staff of the ESATs who work on the transformation of the collected hair into hair sausages. At the same time, we continue to raise awareness, conduct new technical studies on the reuse of hair and adapt our communication tools.

Would you like to support our approach, participate in hair recycling, clean up hydrocarbon water, and create jobs?

Join Coiffeurs Justes!

Innovative and ecological

Does the circular economy speak to you? We do! Sensitive to this vision, the Coiffeurs Justes Association has been working for more than five years on the valorization of hair among hairdressers. The objective: to use hair as a depolluting solution.

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